How to Clean and Care for Your Meat Grinder

philips-meat-mincer-hr2743-technology-intraclean-easy-to-clean-1.jpgHow to Clean and Care for Your Meat Grinder

Using a meat grinder is easy and straight forward. Assembling your best meat grinder, fitting the plate of your choice, feeding it with the trimmed meat and turning on the grinder is all you need to do to grind your meat. You don’t need a tutorial to learn how to grind your meat. What you probably need a hand in is in the maintenance of your precious meat grinder.

Meat grinders require utmost care and maintenance. The fact that they grind meat for human consumption makes them require being thoroughly cleaned. It is also very vital to use them in the best way possible to ensure the high quality of ground meat as well as give your grinder a long life.

How to Care For Your Grinder While Grinding

How to Clean and Care for Your Meat Grinder

1. Keep Everything Cold

Warm meat will result into smearing and fats leaking. To avoid this, ensure that everything is as cold as possible. Put the grinder in a freezer for sixty minutes before grinding. Let your meat too remain chilled until the minute you take it out to grind it. This way, there will be no smearing and the meat will come out being high quality. For sausage meat which has to be ground several times, ensure you place the collecting bowl in another iced bowl to keep the meat cold.

2. Trim Your Meat

Smearing is caused by sinew which usually sticks around the blade making it dull and unable to grind meat. Rather, it smooshes the meat through plate holes resulting in an awkward meat texture. You can avoid this by trimming your meat well.

3. Watch Out For Smearing

You can watch out for smearing by checking meat as it comes out through the plate holes. In case the meat comes out mixed up with fat, whereby it looks wet and mushy, try reversing the process to correct itself. Alternatively, disassemble the grinder and clean it. Smearing is dangerous to the grinder thus should be well monitored.

4. Maintain a Sharp Blade

The one part of your grinder that needs very regular attention is the blade. A dull blade may result into smearing meat. However, blades become sharper with every cut. You will however, require to re-sharpen your blades in case they become dull. You can as well consider replacing the grinder after several years of service.

How to Clean Your Best Meat Grinder

How to Clean Your Best Meat Grinder

Letting meat dry and stick on the blade is a perfect way to get yourself and your family sick. Cleaning your grinder after every grinding process is the best way to maintain a well preserved meat grinder.


There is only one way to ensure you clean your meat grinder thoroughly-disassemble every part. By disassembling the grinder, you are able to clean every single part of the grinder including those interior parts.

2. Hand Washing

The best way to ensure you clean your meat grinder without harming it is to hand wash it. Using a dish washer may result in harming the meat grinder. While hand washing, clean every part thoroughly in hot soapy water. Let the grinder dry completely before storing it.

3. Storage

The grinder should be stored in a freezer. This helps to reduce rusting as most grinders are metallic. A freezer will ensure no micro-organism acts on the grinder, thus maintaining it in a clean condition. Alternatively, cover it with a layer of oil to stop it from oxidizing or being acted upon by micro-organisms.

You now have a few tips on how to clean and take care of your best meat grinder. You spent your hard earned money on that meat grinder, so it is only wise for you to ensure you give it the best cleaning and caring services possible.