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6 Professional Tips for Better Customer Churn

There are numerous factors that can negatively influence a company. In particular, one of the most devastating events that a company should strive to avoid is the phenomenon of customer churn. This is what happens when customers cease to do business with the company and leave within a selected period of time. However, there are ways for a company to …

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Top 10 Tips for Changing Compensation Structure Without Causing Panic

There are a number of reasons as to why your company and you as the owner might need to change the compensation structure and, unfortunately, the vast majority of reasons for it are bad. Check here energy employees occupational illness compensation act.  You might hit a rough patch and you simply cannot afford to compensate your employees in the previously agreed-upon …

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What is Dexa Coin

Dexa Coin is a revolutionary new business which simplifies the sending and receiving of money all across the globe by providing a straight forward payment moving procedure after the removal of numerous steps which exist in other traditional methods. It makes the entire process of cash transfer not only easy but faster. Dexa Coin incorporates the blockchain technology to bring …

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