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4 Must-Have Clothing Pieces to Make You Feel Fashionable and Chic!

Most women pay great attention to their outfit when going out for a special occasion, party, wedding or any such ‘it’ event that demands a good chunk of your time and wallet but sadly most of the very same women become slack when it comes to every day wear, be it to school, work or just a casual walk down the park. Be it Punjabi suits or party wear gowns, women want the best in the market.

Become the Hottest Girl of Your Block!

Why wouldn’t you want to be well dressed all the time? If you put in the right effort, looking chic and turning into the ‘it’ girl of your block isn’t going to be tough at all!

Basically, all it requires is addition of few well-thought out pieces to your wardrobe and you are almost there. Here’s a list of must have pieces of clothing that your wardrobe can’t do without:

  1. Short-Cropped Jackets: These jackets that are cropped at the right length can never go out of fashion. Associated with bikers, they look best in leather though corduroy is also a great option. Works wonders when paired with boots. Leather jackets with leather boots and corduroy jackets with suede boots.
  2. Long-sleeved Striped Shirt: These are chic and they can brighten up just about any bottom, from jeggings to boot cut or even harem pants. You can wear them under jackets or roll up the sleeves and pair up with live-in jeans for a tomboyish look. Long sleeves striped shirts are so versatile, you can make them look sophisticated by wearing it with a formal dark coloured skirt and knee length boots or get the grunge look by wearing it with a pair of stone washed jeans and sneakers.
  3. Denim Vest: These are best in the cropped style and have the amazing ability to prep up any look. You can wear them over a floral sun dress or a summer lacy dress. They can be worn over tees and work best when worn over tank tops. You can cover up an ill-fitting top by pulling over a denim vest.
  4. Graphic T-shirts: A set of T-shirts in fun colours including black, white and grey are a must. Pick ones that speak for you; that say just how you are or who you are. They must be carried off with the required attitude and other appropriate accessories.