4 Reasons to Outsource Legal Work

Many large firms have their own legal departments.  This may actually only consist of one lawyer or maybe a whole team of them.  This has often been seen as the best way to ensure that you have a lawyer which knows your business, is invested in its concerns and can provide instant advice; whenever it is needed.

In return, a lawyer employed by a firm can feel more like part of a business which creates something.  They can see the benefit of their input and how the company grows year by year.  This should inspire them to give the best possible advice and service.

With all this in mind, why would you choose to outsource legal work?  There are actually four key reasons:

  1. Cost Saving

The most obvious reason to outsource legal work is that you can make a cost saving.  Instead of paying a lawyer or team of lawyers to be on hand to deal with queries; you simply pay for them when you need the work completed.

This can represent a significant reduction in your costs although it is wise to consider the costs of being represented in a case; if this was necessary.  After all, under your in-house system there would be no charge for representation.

  1. Wider Talent Base

No matter how good or dedicated your in-house lawyer is, their expertise and experience will be limited.  When you outsource legal work you gain access to a much wider talent pool.  You will be able to deal with a lawyer specializing in your specific needs at that time.

The information and service available on specific subjects will be far superior to that which you can get from your in-house lawyer.  However, your in-house lawyer will have a better grasp of what is important to the business and how any particular course of action may affect it.

  1. More Flexible

An in-house lawyer or even team of lawyers can only achieve so much work.  There is a finite limit on the time they have available and the only way to increase this is to hire more lawyers.  Unfortunately, this is not generally an option due to the cost and difficulty of hiring and firing for specific workloads.

If you outsource legal work then you can benefit from access to as many lawyers as you need and you can direct them to tailor their response to the specific situation in hand.  This allows you to deal with multiple issues promptly and effectively without incurring huge bills.  Of course, you will need to keep an eye on what costs are involved when you outsource legal work.

  1. Faster Turnaround

Finally if you choose to use a non-domestic firm to outsource legal work then you are likely to find them capable of completing work while you sleep.  This is simply because of the time difference.  The benefit is that you can ask for something to be done at the end of the day and it will be ready for you in the morning.  This may not have been an option with an in-house legal team.