5 Best Promotional Items for Your Business

A good customer relationship is one of the most effective branding and marketing strategies. Companies spend on marketing materials and merchandise with their logo on it to give out to customers.

But is it slowly dying? Are companies relying more on social media nowadays to get their message across? Before deciding if you’re doing marketing the modern or classical way, below are some of the good reasons why promotional products still work.

  1. Flash drives. These are compact and can be used in many ways. Studies show that 62% of the people receiving promotional products remember the name and logo of the company. If you’re going to give out a promotional product, make sure it’s something that is used every day, and a flash drive is an excellent example.
  2. Coffee mug. The majority of the workforce spend their time in the office for 8 hours, and even more, in a day. Most of them just sit at their desks, which is the best advertising space that you can use. A coffee mug is a permanent brand billboard that you can utilise to promote your brand.
  3. Bottle opener. One of the customer retention strategies companies implement is giving discounts to key accounts. Instead of price reduction, why not consider throwing in freebies instead? Of course, for this to be effective, you’ll have to find merchandise that’s cheaper than the monetary discount you would’ve offered. It shouldn’t just be something that’s cheap, but rather an item that will be perceived by the customer to be worth more. A good example would be brewery businesses giving away a free key-ring bottle opener with every bottle of beer ordered. Instead of a $5 discount, mass production will only cost $1. Doing business this way will maintain better gross sales margins while enhancing brand retention at the same time. This will also make customers feel they always get the best deal whenever they purchase from you.
  4. Printed Tees. Garment printing is another cheap promotional marketing strategy to consider. The design doesn’t have to be complicated, because all you need are your logo, slogan, and company name on it. It’s an ideal promotional product for companies who want their customers to have souvenirs with their logo on it, and also perfect for product launch events, where you want potential clients to remember who you are.
  5. Power banks. We can’t live without our phones and other gadgets and, more often than not, a power bank is an essential item to have. It’s also the perfect promotional item because people use it every day, and it gives you so much space to put your brand and logo on it.

Classical and modern marketing strategies both have their pros and cons, but if you’re given a choice, choose a tangible product to give away so people can remember you easier.