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6 Inexpensive Methods to Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity

If you want your business to succeed, you should employ some strategies to boost their engagement and productivity.

Highly motivated employees boost sales, improve customer satisfaction and contribute to a positive culture in the office.

Here are six inexpensive methods to get your employees excited to work and be productive at the same time.

Go easy on internet and social media access at work

Yes, too much surfing online and social media usage can destroy productivity, but if your office policy bans it or is too restricting, it can turn them off. It’s better to allow it and trust your employees that they will use it for business purposes and to unwind from time to time (not everyone is a smoker that will use breaks for a quick smoke).

Employees can harness social media to check up on competition as well as share updates relating to the company’s products and events. This can help boost sales and increase brand awareness. They can also help refer qualified people from their network to fill in open positions in your business.

Set goals and regular feedback sessions

Part of engaging your employees is to help them set goals and support them in achieving them. Creating challenging but achievable goals with your employees and tying it to performance-related incentives like bonuses, salary increases or possible promotions will encourage them to excel and reach the targets that they have set for you. Set clear performance measures at the start.

Another way to do this is by assigning a mentor for each of your workers. This senior member can guide them in the workplace and motivate them to excel.

Invest in high-quality office equipment

A modern office is encouraging to employees. Having high-quality office furniture and equipment that are capable of advance business services is a sign that management values employees and wants them to be comfortable and efficient.

Be appreciative and look to listen

Everyone needs to be listened to, more so your employees. Your task, as the manager, is to make sure there is a system in place to allow them to air their grievances and to give suggestions. What’s critical here is you acknowledge their thoughts and apply their ideas if you believe it makes sense. Do not dismiss quickly the ideas of your employees as it will discourage them.

Regarding praising employees to show appreciation for their hard work and excellent results, try to acknowledge them in public.

Consistency matters

It’s critical you do not play favorites when interacting with employees. Your employees will not be motivated to work under such a system. So make sure your expectations and treatment of your subordinates are the same for everyone.

If you’re going to criticize or give negative feedback to them, don’t humiliate some of them while the rest you do so in private. The proper practice is to criticize privately and in person.

Focus on their strengths

No one likes their weaknesses to be highlighted. As such, your workplace should be focusing on the strengths of your team. Make sure they are in the right role that will enable them to do well because of what they’re good at. Everyone feels good when they are doing something they are good at.