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Australian Immigration: The Importance of Agency

As a registered migration agent and attorney

It’s all very well for me personally to inform you that hiring a broker can be integral to the achievement of your Australian visa program.  Obviously I would say that, I’m running a small business!  But the truth is an immigration agent can make the difference between a smooth application process and one which is drawn out over many decades.

The quantity of migrants arriving in Australia – not to mention that the overwhelming media attention to asylum seekers – has seen something of a backlash against immigration amongst Australian citizens.

This reluctance to take migrant workers isn’t necessarily a manifestation of underlying racist attitudes in Australian society, but is a response to a population boom and strong urbanisation.  Although Australia may appear to be sparsely populated, in important cities population growth is skyrocketing with some areas recording a growth rate higher than four per cent.

Resources in those areas are often scant and the lack of accessible:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Employment

 Can be especially frustrating for those suffering from the increased cost of living.

The response to these issues led to a reduction of immigration policy from the Australian Federal Government.  In July, 2010 a new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) was released, significantly changing which occupations received priority in regards to employing foreign workers.  Changes were also made into the skills points test, prioritising language proficiency and employment experience instead of young.

For most prospective foreign employees, it’s a language barrier which proves most troublesome when completing visa applications.

Tourist and even Working-holiday visas have comparatively straightforward application processes.  But, Temporary and Permanent Professional Working 187 visas are less costly and this is where agents can be extremely helpful.

Australian immigration law is seldom an issue for Australian citizens

They live here why do they want to understand about it?  Because of this, even if a business or company is committed to sponsoring your migration, both managers and human resource professionals tend to be in over their heads in regards to the visa application process.

Registered migration agents are experts in their area.  They understand policy inside outside and are advised immediately when legislation changes are made.  They essentially provide a support to gather and collate the exact personal information needed to see their clients successfully utilized in Australia.

It goes without saying, migration agents are quite expensive

The normal cost of hiring a broker to assist with Temporary visa software is between $400 and $2,500, while Permanent visa software can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000.  On the flip side, the actual applications also bring large fees.  The actual question is whether or not you are ready to risk filing an application alone and, finally, cover an unsuccessful attempt.

An additional issue with unsuccessful software is that should you remained in Australia on a Bridging visa whilst awaiting your application to be processed, then you cannot re-apply or submit an application for another visa.  In order to ensure your visa success, it’s imperative that you include all the necessary detail in your primary program and this is of course where a migration agent is useful.