Blake Goldring – the ideologies

Blake Goldring is presently serving as a Chief executive Officer and Chairman of AGF Management limited. In 2000 he was the chief executive and in 1997 he was the president and in 2006 he serving as the chairman. It is believed that AGF has become the independent management investment company under his leadership. Now this company, under the leadership of Blake Goldring Toronto, is operating in United States, Canada, Europe and in Asia as well.

The ideologies:

He completed his BA in Economics from University of Toronto. Masters of Business Administration was done in INSEAD Academy in France.

When we consider his family members like his great uncle was graduated from University of Toronto and even his grandfather was also graduated from the same university. His father C. Warren Goldring was graduated from U and T. For both University college and Victoria College his father gave generous support. So, even Blade followed his family and in 1981 got a degree from Vic. Through giving generous support to universities he was able to honor the whole Goldring family legacy.

His contributions to the U and T and Victoria are really significant along with his family members. He gave great support form learning, sports and athletics, for extracurricular and physical fitness. Among these some to name are VicOne Norman Jewison Stream in Imagination and the Arts, the Goldring Student Centre, and the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport at Varsity Centre.

Among these the student center is built with an idea of giving students a ‘home away from home’. Blake Goldring Toronto is willing to provide a place which is comfortable to students and which is really modern. Here students can have overall university experience and this place will be meant for them to get socialize, engage in activities, discuss, and gather.

For sunnybrook health Science centre he is serving as a director. Other than this he is also the director for Canadian Film Centre, C.D. Howe Institute, and for Toronto Symphony Orchestra. For Royal Military College of Canada he is serving as a Board of Governors.

For Royal Regiment of Canada he served as Honorary Colonel in 2006. This is the one among most distinguished and oldest regiments in the country. He founded Canada Company: many ways to serve in 2006. This was founded with an idea to give support to the men and women who are serving in canada’s military and along with them their family members too. It is made of more than 450 senior business leaders and community leaders. He got appointed as Honoray colonel of Army in 2011 after recognizing his wonderful service.

He has received several awards for his work for society. Arbor Award in 2009 was given to Blake Goldring for his service towards universities. In 2012 he got Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. In 2011 he was honored with B’nai Brith Award of Merit.

Other than this he got B’nai Brith Award of Merit, Military Division (2011). In 2008 from Royal Military College of Canada he got Honorary Doctor of Laws degree.