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British Company Will Invest in Singapore’s Telco Market

Singapore business is booming. It’s become an island city-state which is very attractive to investors! If you want to stay in the loop when it comes to the business world in Singapore, you should know that a prominent United Kingdom company is going to be investing in the Telco market in Singapore.

The company is called Colt and its CEO, Carl Grivner, announced plans to deploy a fibre network in the island city-state’s bustling main business district.

In the opinion of Grivner, the market in the central business district has room for Colt. In fact, he anticipates that the market will grow by five percent over the next forty-eight months. In his opinion, Colt will offer service which is more modern and appealing than the current provider companies do. He feels that Colt’s technological expertise and superb vendors will contribute to both immediate and ongoing success in Singapore.

As well, Grivner let the public know that Colt plans to increase its sales force numbers by double all over the world.

The services provided by this UK-based firm won’t be available to everyday consumers. Instead, they will be available to business clients. Business customers who want connections of high-bandwidth, to a network called NetLink Trust, which consists of financial centers, will love what Colt plans to offer. NetLink Trust will operate an infrastructure for telecom. It is set up for an IPO in Singapore, which will total 1.68 billion dollars.

Singapore Business Prospects are Great

A lot of companies from other parts of the world are making the decision to invest in Singapore. The island city-state has a great fintech industry and this is probably part of the reason why Colt has decided to put money into Singapore. As well, the government is Singapore is very progressive and it offers tech businesses, such as a start-ups, access to plenty of funding, mentoring and other support. In addition, the tax structure in Singapore is quite attractive to foreign investors and companies.

Colt execs surely performed plenty of market research before deciding to become a player in the Telco market in the country. It’s a booming market with a lot of profit potential. Colt plans to offer services which are more efficient and appealing than what is currently available in the central business district. If the company succeeds, it will grab market share from competitors who are already operating in the central business district.

Doing business in Singapore in easy. The central business district has it all, including attractive rates for real estate, all of the right amenities and easy access to other parts of the downtown core. Once Colt establishes its new Telco service in the central business district, entrepreneurs who have chosen this area for their operations will have even more to be excited about.

Colt is Based in London, UK

This world-class company has its headquarters at Colt House, which is situated on Old Eastern Street in London. Soon, it will set up a branch in the central business district in Singapore.

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