Business Achievements of Peter Loftin are Praiseworthy

Peter Loftin is admired for his achievements as an entrepreneur and his contribution to the telecom sector is commendable. Not only this, but alsohe has been involved in sevral other business and initiatives. Apart from all these Peter has helped the country whenever required. During the terrorist attacks in World Trade Centre, he contributed a lot to the relief works by donations and other means. The country is always proud to have such people.

Peter Loftin Cares for the Society and Takes Initiatives for the Same

Loftin cared for the needs of disabled children and in the rural areas of North Carolina, he gave free internet services to schools for disabled children.Even, he was well-acknowledged for such efforts by several authorities. Also, the offers and plans provided by his company BTI have been convenient and cheap for long-distance contacts. The company earns big profits every year. Yet Peter Loftin never considered himself to be a part of any rat race. He only wanted to do something different and beneficial for himself and others.

Peter was honoured as North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year by Business North Carolina Magazine. Also, NCEITA(North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association) gave him with Corporate Citizen of the Year Award. This award was given for his contribution to the education of disabled children. Awards and honours are immaterial for Peter because his fame and work speak for him.

Peter Loftin currently serves as the Board of the Miami Beach Police Athletic League. He was awarded for his contributions in the city in the year 2006.He was the sponsor of numerous events dedicated to charity, for example; Miami International Film Festival, American Red Cross, Miami Book Fair, Scoliosis Research Society, Alonzo Morning Foundation and others.

Peter Has Always Admired Art and Tried to Do Several Activities to Uplift It

Love and admiration for art has always made Peter Loftin to take initiatives for the same. He has offered charity to several activities and made his intentions clear about the upliftment of art.He invested in an art venue named Casa Casuarina in 2000 for the progress of arts. Newcomer entrepreneurs can learn lesson from the zealous nature of Peter. This entrepreneur never gets tired of investing in whatever interests him.

At the time when Peter became an entrepreneur, he was just in his twenties. And, his firm BTI had earned great name in telecom industry. Petertasted huge success at that young age and then later on got BTI merged with Deltacom. After that, hetook other initiatives like investing in Casa Casuarina, opening a whiskey distilling company and a lot more.

Peter Loftin is a Generous and Sensible Businessman

There are very few people who do charitable works apart from earning huge revenue from their business ventures. Most of them are busy in their own luxuries and have no concerns for the underprivileged ones. But people like Peter have a better vision for society and they try to help the world through several means. Initiating charity, donating to medical centres, helping children and youth, and many other ways. His love for museums has led him to invest largely in those and thus add to the art upliftment.