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Crowdfunding for cinematographers

On Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India website, we’ve had a lot of independent filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers raise money for their films ad cover all the expenses associated with it. This shows that people today are consuming film and cinema so much more, and in so many different ways – whether you’re into bollywood films, or documentaries, ad films, or films that address social problems. However, making film is not a job done single-handedly by the filmmaker. He has a team of art directors, costume designers, set designers, editors, animators, and most of all cinematographers. A cinematographer is constantly on his/her feet, finding the perfect angles and the best way to make every frame in the film impactful. He/she is basically responsible for shooting the entire film.

The skill of a cinematographer doesn’t come easy though. Often, to get professional education in cinematography/ photography, it can be quite expensive and beyond the means of many. But that shouldn’t be the reason one foregoes their career aspirations. Therefore we at Impact Guru encourage aspiring cinematographers to fund their career and the expenses associated, by crowdfunding for it. Whether you’re just beginning your career, you’re hoping to study cinematography, or you’re already a cinematographer who wants to build his portfolio, here are some of the things that you can raise money for:

Professional cinematography course

If you’re an aspiring cinematographer but the cost of taking a professional course in the art of cinematography is not affordable by you, we urge you to start a crowdfunding campaign. By doing so you can reach out to friends, family, and even strangers from across the world, tell them about your plans, and request a small financial contribution from them. Many art and film projects have been funded in this way, so we know that an effective crowdfunding India campaign can bring you success.

Purchase cameras and related equipment

Cameras, lenses, tripods, drones, and lighting equipment can be quite expensive. You can raise money online to purchase these, and other related resources that you will require in your cinematography career.

Build a portfolio

With so many people trying their hand at cinematography, promoting yourself will be crucial. You may consider building a portfolio, or starting a website for yourself, the costs of which can be covered by your online fundraising campaign. Moreover, you campaign may help connect you with filmmakers, since a lot of filmmakers are crowdfunding too. Building a network and forming collaborations is an added benefit of any crowdfunding India campaign.

So if you’re an aspiring cinematographer in need of financial assistance to kickstart your career, raise money with Impact Guru today!