What are the Different Types of SEO Service

Search Engine Optimisation is both an art and a science. You need to follow tried and tested processes that are regularly improved and refined to maximise the effectiveness of your strategy. Effective SEO is both labour intensive and time consuming.

In the next article we are going to talk about different SEO services that can help your website grow.

Website Auditing

The first step is hiring SEO experts that will analyse your website and competitive environment to provide you with a comprehensive audit to identify quick changes that will lead to major gains. This includes, examining your tracking packages to ensure that it’s tagged correctly, existing link marketing strategy and competitors link marketing analysis, search term saturation analysis and search term performance investigation.

Search Engine Ranking Reports

One of the key benefits of SearchMarketing over other traditional marketing vehicles is the highly measurable results. I believe that regular reporting is important so you can track your campaign progress every step of the way. Hence, all ranking, link building, progress and Analytics reports are delivered to assist with your organisation’s strategy and goals.

This analysis is purely driven to maximise the ‘bang for your buck’ and therefore will highlight how much additional traffic your SEO investment is delivering and how it impacts on your overall revenue and brand.

Keyword Research

What’s a point for ranking Number 1 for a keyword that not many people search for or is not aligned to your objectives. You will need to utilise the leading keyword research tools to analyse what people search for and the demand, to ensure that you can be found.

So analysis of the most searched and targeted keywords and phrases that relate directly to your business is important. From there we identify the keyword strategies of your competitors for order to see exactly what we need to do to rank above them. This will allow us to focus your campaign on achieving the best rankings for your most searched for keywords. Furthermore, this in depth investigation means that each campaign has minimum wastage and maximum ROI.

Onsite Optimization

You must understand how Search Engine spiders crawl and index websites, to go beyond the standard SEO optimization. Onsite optimisation involves website structural analysis, relevant keyword and content optimisation, html code optimisation, internal linking, website navigation optimisation as well as resolving any issues which will be affecting the ranking of your website and any of its pages.

The aim of this onsite work is to ensure that search engines can effectively crawl each page placing emphasis on the most important keywords for your online marketing strategy.

Link Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Implementation of optimal link marketing strategies and tactics is recommended for effective accomplishment of your existing goals. You need to be extremely tactical to ensure you climb up the ranking in a quick and strategic manner.

You need to get links from wide variety of websites across different internet verticals and use number of strategies to do that including link baiting – which is the art of having the Search Engines come to you rather than you going to them.  The result is higher positions, quicker movement and long term rankings.

Geocentric Optimisation

Depending on your niche objectives sometimes it is advantageous to perform geocentric optimisation targeting your prospective customers right down to a suburb level. With those objectives in mind, you’ll need to develop your search marketing campaign so that it targets location based searches which ensures that your website appears on the top map based results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Program Management

Manage your paid inclusion search engine marketing campaign so that you do not spend money inefficiently.