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Why it is difficult to make money with surveys & sweepstakes

Have you ever participated in the sweepstakes and surveys? If not then here you will find all the details related to sweepstakes which people are claiming to make money. I am not denying this fact that you can’t make money with these programs but if you talk about its success rate then you would find it is really hard because these are based on winners which are selected from hundreds, thousands and even millions of people.

Types of surveys & sweepstakes

There are many types of surveys and sweepstakes are running. And before participating in any of these you must be aware of its potential result and probabilities. But before you analyze any of such survey you should know what kind of sweepstakes we should try to enter.

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  1. Survey sites

These sites provide you surveys on a regular basis and in exchange for that you earn some points. After reaching their withdrawal threshold you can convert these points to discount or cash coupons. But the biggest problem with these sites is that their earning is very low. In a whole day, you won’t be able to make more than $10 with most of the programs. And there are other challenges also included such as frequency of surveys and its eligibility.

  1. Sweepstakes based on your routine activities

These are sweepstakes which are tied to your routine buying of household products and servicing. In exchange for that, the company allows you to participate in their surveys and eventually make you part of their sweepstakes. But here you won’t receive anything until you are the winner. There can be one or more than one winners which would get the agreed amount it could be cash or discount coupon. These types of sweepstakes are easy to enter and do not require any additional effort or time. Let understand through an example next week you are visiting taco bell and Subway to enjoy your meal. So with the help of your receipts, you can participate in their sweepstakes which are known as tellthebell & tellsubway

  1. Sweepstakes which are not associated with your household product and services.

These types of sweepstakes could lead you into a trap where you will spend your amount and won’t make anything. Usually, sweepstakes are attached with some sort of product. So if you are just buying the product because there is a lucrative reward is attached you might be going to lose the money. The biggest reason is that the winning percentage is quite low. Let’s take the example you bought a product where thousands of people have participated and the only couple of the winners can claim the sweepstakes. Now you can see the winning percentage is even less than 1% so it is pretty clear participating in such type of sweepstakes can lead you to waste your money and time.

Points to be remembered while participating in Surveys and Sweepstakes

  1. Best sweepstakes are those where you don’t have to spend additional money. Which are linked to your daily household products? So this helps you to waste your money and time both.
  2. Survey sites can help you to make money but it is good when you are trying to make some additional money with your regular sources. Completely depending on survey sites will not be fruitful.
  3. In fact, any type of sweepstakes and surveys can’t be the regular sources of your income so don’t even think about it.
  4. Yes, people have made money with sweepstakes but it was not intentionally they were just kept participating and some of them were lucky who won the prizes.

Just follow these points before participating in any surveys and sweepstakes. These tips would definitely help you out and if you are lucky enough you would make some money as well.


Always make sure that surveys and sweepstakes are not any types of income but yes there are prizes and rewards attached to them. So never try to get into the trap of money making scheme and always try to participate only those which are part of your daily routine. And also make sure to check all the details of the sweepstakes before giving your valuable time.