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Don’t Watch a Favourite Sport, Participate

Watching sport as part of a corporate hospitality experience is undeniably enjoyable but why not take it a step further and participate in a sports activity and make your corporate hospitality different from any other, more passive, option?

Yes, you can take business contacts, suppliers, clients, your management or shareholders out for a luxurious day to watch cricket or to experience a golf event, perhaps they would relish an opportunity to watch motor racing trackside.

There is a way to make corporate hospitality truly memorable with full involvement.

  • Take acquaintances on in a charity cricket hospitality event, your staff versus theirs, or management versus staff.
  • Run a golf day in which several contacts can play in competition, this is an excellent networking opportunity and more gentle than cricket.
  • If they are adrenalin junkies then let guests get behind the wheel of a Porsche, Ferrari or Audi RS4 and test themselves over terrains and at legendary racing venues.
  • Tennis corporate hospitality days are another favourite with clients. Could there be an activity that inspires thoughts of lawns, sunshine, strawberries and cream better?
  • Companies like the esteemed DTB Sports and Events offer sailing days, poker nights and bespoke options so there really is something out there for everyone, whatever their sporting preference and list of luxury items.

Cricket hospitality events in 2017 can be arranged at the iconic Kia Oval for any date you wish, unless there is professional play taking place.

For cricket hospitality events, the hire of the ground and facilities packages often include the following:

  • Brit Oval split into two with both pitches on the main square.
  • Branded stumps/bails showing the corporate logo.
  • Company logos on permanent replay screen.
  • Balls.
  • Umpires and stewards.
  • Scorers, scoreboards and scoreboard operators.
  • PA announcer.
  • First Aid.
  • Use of the facilities at the Pavilion end of the ground for players/non-players.
  • Home and away dressing rooms for players.
  • Additional Pavilion rooms for changing facilities are available.
  • Lounge with account bar facility.
  • Use of the Ken Barrington Indoor Centre.
  • Parking, subject to availability.

You may prefer the six a side/eleven a side Cricket Day at the Kia Oval option, these provide outstanding cricket hospitality events opportunities:

Six-a-side tournament 

Twelve teams of six players compete and the event is professionally managed by Surrey CCC staff and caterers.


Entertain 30 delegates at the Brit Oval for a corporate hospitality day.

Two teams of eleven-a-side play a limited over match. The facilities are also available to non-players. Again, the cricket hospitality event is managed by Surrey CCC staff and caterers.

You can take advantage of corporate hospitality firms’ expertise to let the company organising your event in the day follow this with a spectacular evening party that won’t just impress the attendees, it should compel them to do business with you.

They can’t help but feel special when you lavish attention on them like this.

Call a professional and experienced bespoke events firm today to build your corporate hospitality event, luxury after luxury.