Facts About Asbestos That You Should Know About

Whenever asbestos come in your mind, your mind might automatically indicate you that it is bad. So, let us look at some of the facts about asbestos here.

So, what are asbestos anyway?


A few types of mineral fibers that are found in the soil and rock are named as asbestos. From the 1940s to late 1990s, asbestos was commonly used in building materials. The purpose of putting asbestos in building materials is to protect the building from heat and fire as well as it provides extra strength to the building. On those days, people used to think them as great stuff, and so they put them in almost everything.

Where are you most likely to find asbestos?

Asbestos was made use of in a wide array of house items. The only certain method to know if your home contains asbestos is to examine it, but here is where you will probably experience it:

  • Roof covering products, such as roofing felts and papers
  • Vermiculite attic room insulation
  • Cement asbestos board (CAB) siding shingles
  • Sheetrock joint as well as patching substances
  • Texture popcorn and paint ceilings
  • Some vinyl flooring tiles as well as floor glues
  • Oil furnaces as well as door gaskets
  • Insulation and tapes around hot water storage tanks and pipes
  • Chimney flue packing
  • Window putty as well as caulking compounds
  • Sink undercoatings
  • Artificial fire logs as well as ash in gas fireplaces
  • Asbestos anti-vibration materials, tapes, insulation in the duct as well as vents
  • Insulation in fuse box as well as around old cord

Is asbestos truly that bad?

To start with, don’t panic if you think you have asbestos in your house. Yes, direct asbestos exposure can be poor; however, unless asbestos fibers become airborne, they do not position a prompt risk. Even if you do inhale asbestos, your danger is identified by several elements, including the frequency, degree, as well as the duration of direct exposure, if you smoke, have other pre-existing lung problems, and the sort of asbestos you were subjected to. Not everybody who is subjected to asbestos airborne will get sick, but it’s never worth taking the threat of exposure.

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