Finding the perfect buying opportunity in the Forex market

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As a Forex trader, you need to analyze the direction of the market to earn money. The market is going up and down in a rhythmic manner and the pro traders in Hong Kong use some precise techniques to find the direction of the trend. But just finding the direction of the major trend is not enough. To start living based on trading, you should have the skill to find the trades with accuracy. Instead of discussing the short trade setups, we will give you some amazing tips that will allow you to buy the asset at the perfect place. Some traders refer to this as long trade setups.

Without wasting any time, let’s get into the details of the long trade setup. Try to use this article as your guide and you will feel the change in your trading system.

Finding the trend

Finding a trend is the most complicated challenge for retail traders. Rookies might say they can find the trend just by looking at the price chart. But this is a wild assumption. To find the uptrend, you should know the criteria of the uptrend. In an uptrend, the market will make a series of higher highs and higher lows. You should connect the minimum three higher lows in the market to find the critical support levels in the market

After finding the trend, you should look for the buying opportunity. The trend line acts as the critical support zone and it allows the traders to execute long trade. Before we go deeper, you should look at this site and learn about the professional trading environment. Choosing a low-end broker for trading is a very big mistake.

Executions of the trade

To execute a long trade, you should use some advanced techniques. For instance, you should analyze the candlestick patterns so that you can place the trade with a tight stop. Unless you are aware of the stop loss, you are not ready to deal with the market. Placement of the stops keeps you find safe. If you trade with high risk and try to earn more money, you might lose a big portion of the capital. But if you reduce the risk by placing the stops, you know the maximum amount of money you can lose from a certain trade setup.

Analyzing the news

You should analyze the major news while placing any trade. Without the help of fundamental analysis, it’s really hard to make living in trading. Those who have extensive skills, never trade the market based technical data. Technical analysis is just a process by which you can make a big profit at trading. To protect your trading capital, you should learn about the safety of your investment. Once you become good at analyzing the major news, you can easily earn more money.

Managing the risk

To manage the risk, you should learn about the risk exposure in trading. The naïve traders always place a trade without knowing the consequence of an aggressive approach. They soon lose a big portion of the trading capital and blame the market. This is not the proper way to execute the long trade. To make a professional trader, you should act like one. Go through the basic risk management plan and see how it can protect your trading capital. After you get a clear idea of this market, you can slowly change your life and trade the market with discipline.


Learning to execute the long and managing big profit depends on your skill. By following the rules of this article, you can easily simplify the trading process. Start slowly but learn the things about the core of trading. Once you get better at analyzing the complex price movement, you can deal with any type of market dynamics. Always take rational steps to save your investment.