Four Home Appliance Parts That You Can Buy Online to Save Money

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Some days it feels like we live in a disposable world; if something is worn out or broke, we just throw it out and buy a new one. You might as well think of that as throwing away a big wad of cash, while you try to figure out where all the money went at the end of each month. Don’t just throw out expensive home appliances, fix them easily with inexpensive online parts. Check out these home appliance parts you might not have known you could buy online.


The hose on your Hoover takes more abuse than you might have considered. It’s the midway point from you to the machine that gets tugged around like a tow-rope. Constantly pulling to reach into corners or up high to get those dusty spots or forgotten spider webs in the basement. Eventually they are going to wear out or break, leaving the machine useless. Don’t make it worse with a bad repair job or throw away all that money. Buy a new hose online and keep that Hoover going for years to come.

Motor Filters

Much like your car’s engine, the inside of your Hoover needs to be kept clean and running good. The main job of that appliance is to clean up dust, and when too much of that dust reaches your motor you could be in for problems. If you have a pre or post filter for your machine, make sure to replace it, and replace it often. Motor filters are inexpensive and easy to change, a simple task that will greatly add to the longevity of the life of your machine. Pick a few up online and keep them handy for fast effective maintenance.

Genuine Belts

When running a premium appliance like a Dyson, there is no point in jeopardising it or possibly even its warranty with things like off-brand parts. A few pounds saved on an unbranded belt that might not fit quite right or might not last as long, could end up costing much more in the long run. Genuine Dyson belts are made to high Dyson standards and should be the only things used in a Dyson appliance. They can be easily matched online with the part number and installed at home in no time. Don’t risk it.

Hepa Filters

Seeing the word Hepa gives a sense of safety and security, the kind of safety you want in your home for your family. A quality Dyson Hepa Filter goes to work for you, filtering out harmful dust and micro particles you can’t see and defiantly don’t want to be breathing in. By installing these filters in your machine, you are raising the standard of quality in your home with cleaner air to breath.

Save yourself time and money, by purchasing affordable, quality products for your home appliances online. You can shop easily and have them delivered right to your door with great companies like, the solution makers for in-home appliance parts.