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Guide to best Forex trading styles

When you ask the professional Forex traders or your mentors about which is the best Forex trading style or strategy, you will never get the same answer for everyone.

The reason behind this is the best trading strategy should be created based on your personality. So, you will have to create one for yourself. Your mentor can guide you, but cannot tell you which is going to be right for you all the time. A strategy that worked wonders for your friend, may not work for you.

Even expert blogs like Online Trading Review Blog also cannot help. But they can provide you a list of Forex trading styles and strategies which worked for years and will even work in the future.

Here are some top Forex trading styles that you can try…


Scalping is trading for a very short period of time. You will hold it just for a few seconds and sell it off. They take help of the tick charts to make a decision. Just a few points of profit will be made in this kind of trading.

Day Trading:

This trading is done for just a few hours and you exit before the end of the day. The overnight moves are not going to affect you.

Swing trading:

This kind of trading is usually done for days.

Positional Trading:

This kind of trading is done for a long period of time in order to make high profits. Looking at the end of the charts is very important for the trader in order to make a decision.

HQBroker Online News Blog can help you understand these Forex trading strategies. But do not forget that, you will have to choose and come up with a strategy of your own. You cannot follow a strategy that is follow by someone else who is making profits.