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Guide to Getting Started with Work!


Whether you’re receiving JSA, just finished education or simply want a bit of cash in your pocket there are a few things you should do before looking for a job.

These are crucial things to do to ensure a simple process and a guaranteed result!

What will you need before applying? These are very simple but are the main part of making an impression. Doing these will make you appear organized, eager and ready to start work.

CV & Cover Letter – This is the main part of getting any job. This is the brief summary of your educational life, and a slight insight into you as a working person and what you’re good at. Most companies these days ask for an online CV (usually to apply with) and a printed copy to bring to the interview. Some companies you have to sign up online, and you may have to write a CV on their website. Make sure you have a CV for different job sectors such as an IT CV and then a Sales&Marketing CV.

Personal Details – It is essential that you can provide a National Insurance Number, proof of identity, any bank details and qualification certificates.

Prepare Ahead – Make sure you are aware of all available travel options for you. If you apply for a job that is hard to get to with your current transport options, you can either ask for car share or don’t apply. Make sure you also know the times you will need to get up and set off. You need to be able to make it during the winter as well so make sure your options are open.

How to find a job? Finding a job is easy if you know the right places.

College/Educational Centres – These usually provide free help for students leaving college/university and also offer a wide range of apprenticeships that are run throughout the year.

In-Person – You may see advertisements in shops saying they are recruiting or looking for a worker. Make sure you look neat and tidy and present your printed cv to the manager.

Training Providers/Recruitment Agencies – You could have a little look at Recruitment Consultant Jobs London to see your options within this sector. Recruitment agencies are like banks for available jobs locally. Training Providers get you a job while you are also educated at the same time. Both options usually give the national minimum wage for your age (this may differ) and all you have to do is sign up, give in your details and they do all the work for you!

Job Sites – You can search online through sites such as, MonsterJobs, TotalJobs and for a list of all the jobs and apprenticeships available in your local area.

Happy Hunting!