Have you been a victim to fraud and need legal help?

New York deals with securities fraud claims governed by both federal and state law. Most securities claims are arbitrated outside courts through private intervention. There are a variety of forms of securities fraud, but the most common ones that investors generally have to face are the following types of fraud or negligence.

Types of fraud perpetrated by brokers

  • When a broker excessively trades securities in the client’s portfolio in order to earn commissions it is called churning.
  • Front running happens when the broker delays a client’s order to gain a benefit.
  • Broker Malfeasance is common in the form of embezzlement, Ponzi schemes or insider trading.
  • Misrepresentation or lack of due diligence is another way to defraud your client. Holding back pertinent information regarding the scheme may lead to fraud.
  • Brokers may resort to manipulation and price fixing to cheat a client.
  • Unauthorized trading may also be done to cheat the client.
  • Unsuitable sales and products are also a major part of the scams that occur in the world of finance and brokerage.

How to hire a good NY fraud lawyer?

You do need to make an effort to look for the perfect lawyer if you have been the victim of a fraud.by your broker. It is important to identify the best lawyer for the job by forging a strong contract after checking the credentials of the lawyer. It is a fairly easy process to choose the best suited person by following some due diligence.

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  • Use the internet to look for a good and reputed NY fraud lawyer. Due diligence with the background of the lawyer will give you an insight about his/her practice.
  • Look for lawyers who are upfront about the charges they demand. Make sure that there are no hidden charges and that the role and responsibility of your lawyer is well defined. Forge a contract that states the expectations from both parties.
  • Choose a seasoned and experienced lawyer to handle your fraud case. Verify the claims of the lawyer you choose by checking the credentials displayed by him.
  • You must judge your chosen lawyer’s reputation by the cases he has handled previously. It is always a good idea to communicate with a few of the previous clients to get a feel of the competence of the lawyer.

Once you have made your choice wisely, do share all relevant case details with your lawyer at the very beginning of the case and avoid unnecessary hassles and confusions at a later stage. It is good to have a lawyer you have full faith in, but do keep a close watch on the proceedings. A good NY fraud lawyer can help you minimize losses and recover your wealth and reputation. Choose the right person and breathe a sigh of relief.