Higher Level Food, Health and Safety Training

Management and supervisors must be aware of their responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Health and safety
  • Food safety
  • Food safety management systems

There are management and supervisor level training courses in these areas which are simple to arrange and they can be delivered at a training centre or on your premises.

Effective control of health and safety and food safety are factors that impact greatly on your restaurant hygiene ratings.

Don’t take chances or hope for the best before and during an inspection, ensure that every member of your team is trained and working appropriately.

Whilst there are many courses at basic level, the supervisory and managerial staff must know what they need to do and be able to enforce best practices.

Companies like Food Alert in London offer level 3 courses certified by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health for health and safety training and food safety courses.

The level 3 CIEH Health and Safety training course achieves the following:

  • Understand health & safety legislation.
  • Comprehend the roles of managers, supervisors and PPE.
  • The ability to report and investigate accidents.
  • Understand ill health in the workplace.
  • Learn more about legal provisions.
  • Know how to deal with welfare, conflict, motivation, staff hiring, first aid and emergency procedures.
  • An in-depth knowledge of fire safety, explosion, electricity risks, working at height, equipment, risks of hazardous substances.
  • Understand manual handling.
  • Competently supervise health & safety.
  • Possess knowledge and practical expertise to implement, maintain and monitor good standards of health and safety.

Level 3 CIEH Food Safety in Catering course benefits are as follows:

  • Have a greater understanding of food safety procedures.
  • Understand the key food hygiene legislation.
  • Appreciate the concept of food hazards and the risks associated with them.
  • The capability to implement and supervise a food safety management system.
  • Understand the techniques used for controlling and monitoring food safety.
  • Be aware of the risks linked to cross contamination.
  • Understand the role that temperature plays in food safety.
  • Appreciate the importance of supervising high standards of cleaning.
  • To implement a cleaning schedule.
  • Understand the importance of personal hygiene measures.
  • Know the importance of training staff.
  • Understand the terminology related to supervising food safety.

You may wish to take a food safety course related to the HACCP Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points food safety management system.

Level 3 HACCP food safety course content allows management and supervisors to:

  • Understand the legal requirements for businesses to adopt a food safety management system.
  • Understanding the controls needed to ensure food safety.
  • How controls should be monitored.
  • Learn of the seven principles of HACCP and how these can be equated to a food safety management system.
  • Appreciate how food safety management system tools can assist in implementing HACCP requirements in a food business.

Boost your business competence and maximise your restaurant hygiene ratings with professional training.