Hiring a Business Coach and How it Helps

Business coaching has become a very common subject of debate for many individuals starting out in business these days. There are also several people out there that call themselves business coaches but in reality they actually do not have any idea in what way to coach someone in business. So, it becomes very important to choose a business coach who has experience and is professional. You should choose someone who emphasizes assisting you to control your urgencies, communicate well, make more operative demonstrations, increase your strengths and recognize ways you can develop.

Hiring a professional business coach is no different than appointing a personal trainer to get into shape. The purpose of hiring these types of professionals is to help you learn the right way to behave and act in the workplace. Emile Haddad is one of Seattle’s most reliable business coaches who started his career in the field of architecture. Emile Haddad Seattle is a principal consultant at Catalyst Business Coaching and Consulting, LLC who offers clients with the correct assistances and know-how so that they can attain entrepreneurial success.


As a business coach he assists the clients in the following ways:

  • Improve the action plan of your business
  • Access your strong points and flaws
  • Assist you stay on track as you implement the plan
  • Choice of the correct tools to attain the plan

Thus, by choosing the right coach you will ultimately gain as this will help you to move forward and will help you to achieve your business aims and purposes. By taking benefit of business coaching, you can learn to make prospects for yourself instead of waiting for other people to make them for you.

Apart from helping you at your job, a business coach can also help you to make your personal life less demanding, efficient and eventually more satisfying. By having more chances in your business life, you do not need to bring home all that tension. In addition, a business coach can tell you the things that you are doing in an incorrect way and help you motivate to make better business choices.

Business coaching can be of various methods which are mentioned below:

  • Lesson by lesson coaching
  • Tele seminars coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Self-paced coaching
  • One on One Coaching
  • Online coaching

Emile Haddad says that the coaching program can be customized or the program can have a combination of all the above to match the business requirements of the clients. Therefore, it can be said that appointing the right business coach can assist you to develop a strong foundation for your business to develop. You will have more confidence, self-assurance and this will help your business to flourish steadily in the coming years.

Prior to working at Catalyst Business Coaching and Consulting, LLC, Emile Haddad Seattle has been associated with Haddie Consulting Services as principal trainer and consultant. He has completed his master’s degree in Fine Arts from University of Montana and bachelor’s degree in Architecture from University of Oklahoma.