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International Relations of US

They say global image matters, but does this really dictate what a country truly is? Is there enough basis to conclude certain beliefs as factual and final? In the past several years, views regarding the United States have continued to change. A number of leaders who have completed their presidential term administration had different impacts on how the world viewed the United States. Among the two most recent presidency, a survey by Pew Research Center has shown how the ratings for the country have immensely declined. On the ongoing administration of Donald Trump, a median of 22{ce0c1499d5d1a548aabfdf2ea2af86308f40abdb83126033ea2d5564f6ef9d4f} expressed confidence in the current president when it comes to doing the right thing in terms of international relations and affairs.

On the other hand, his predecessor, Barack Obama, had a median of 64{ce0c1499d5d1a548aabfdf2ea2af86308f40abdb83126033ea2d5564f6ef9d4f} that believed in his capacity to lead their country. What caused such decline and how is the current administration really doing?

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A huge double-digit drop was seen from the preceding administration to the ongoing one. 37 countries have shown a decline in how they view the United States. In some European countries, the percentage of women viewing America negatively is higher than men. However, for Russia, a large improvement is seen where positive views have increased up to 26{ce0c1499d5d1a548aabfdf2ea2af86308f40abdb83126033ea2d5564f6ef9d4f}. In terms of the age group involved, ages 18-29 have a favorable view of the country compared to people 50 years of age and above. In Brazil alone, 72{ce0c1499d5d1a548aabfdf2ea2af86308f40abdb83126033ea2d5564f6ef9d4f} of younger Brazilians are favorable towards the US as compared to the 33{ce0c1499d5d1a548aabfdf2ea2af86308f40abdb83126033ea2d5564f6ef9d4f} of older Brazilians. When it comes to America’s soft power, there has been mixed views. Those who believe American ideals and culture are not of any good effect to their nations are the following: Mexicans, Argentines, and the majority of the European countries. On the contrary, countries in the Asia-Pacific region are more positive towards American customs. In several countries, American ideas and customs appealed to mostly young people (ages 18-29). On the aspect of America’s reputation as a public defender of individual rights, a median of 54{ce0c1499d5d1a548aabfdf2ea2af86308f40abdb83126033ea2d5564f6ef9d4f} in 37 countries believed that they respect the personal freedom of its people.

Besides the general view of the world towards the United States, another strong factor encompassing their views is the current leader, President Trump. Most of his signature policy proposals are widely opposed globally. Individuals opposed to his plan of building a wall on the US-Mexico border garnered a median of 76{ce0c1499d5d1a548aabfdf2ea2af86308f40abdb83126033ea2d5564f6ef9d4f} from a survey conducted among 37 countries. The same degree of global opposition is expressed towards Trump’s proposed policy of withdrawing the US from international climate change and major trade agreements.

Moreover, the majority disapproves of his efforts on having tighter restrictions for the majority-Muslim countries to enter the US. Trump’s character is also a huge factor as the survey respondents associated him with several negative characteristics. Quite a few see him as a strong leader, charismatic, and well-qualified to be the president. On the other hand, most viewed him as arrogant, intolerant, and dangerous. Given the escalating gap issues between America and North Korea, more and more individuals are opposed to the current administration. News about Trump has been very controversial in the past months regarding the threat of war between these two countries. This certainly isn’t helping his ratings go up not only in America but also around the globe.

Perception towards the current US president may be a major contributor on how the world views America, but several other factors are also important. Despite all the opinions surrounding the news today, people all over the globe are hoping not only for a better America but a better world. In the months and years to come, individuals are hopeful to see the positive change.