Is blogging better than pay to click (PTC) sites? 

Why making money online by blogging is superior to PTC
So you’ve heard individuals talking about blogging and better yet you’ve heard that somehow these folks can earn money by doing this. Lots of people are earning loads of money online by simply blogging! On the other hand, if you look at PTC sites, there are tons of scams out there and why to waste your time for $0.01 cent per day if you can earn $1000 per day.
There are many popular PTC sites out there including Neobux, Clixsense, Wordlinx, Donkey mail and GPT Planet, to name the few. You can find all those sites reviews in online earning mentor by Khan.
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Let’s talk about how to earn money blogging: A good e-book on the best way to earn money blogging online ought to teach you the way to generate tremendous revenue from surprisingly low traffic. There are various methods of earning money, but within this article, we’ll talk about how to generate income blogging. Now it’s not that difficult to make an incredible sum of money blogging.
Thinking about the ways how to earn money online blogging is certainly one of the very first steps to be one of the guys who really make money by simply blogging. It’s significantly easier to earn money with PTC, but you really can make far more with affiliate sales.
#1 Creating Your Own Product or eBook
While this may appear like a daunting task, you can make a good sum of money with surprisingly low amounts of traffic. Quality e-books on the best way to generate income blogging online. There are a few high-quality eBooks on the Internet to teach you how to make money online blogging, which are still available on the World Wide Web.
As a blogger and product creator yourself, you can leverage off of your authority and expertise as a blogger. Your audience and blog readers already look up to you and enjoy your content and your writing style. That means once you release an eBook it’s a surefire way to help your readers be able to learn from you in a more organized fashion. If you believe this will scare off people and your audience. Rest assured, it will not! In fact, by releasing a quality product: be it an eBook or a video course. You’re able to brand yourself better and build more authority quickly, and your readers and other people on the Internet within your niche are going to look up to you more as an expert.
#2 Selling Affiliate Products
After registering with an affiliate program, you’re currently ready to begin making a lot of money by selling different people’s product online. The group which makes money knows the way to monetize their blog. Another manner you can earn money blogging is by promoting different people’s products on your own Blog. This is among the latest methods to earn for those who want to understand how to make money blogging. You should be familiar with common affiliate marketing mistakes that can also ruin your business.
#3 Amazon Associate program
The Amazon Affiliate Program is another great method to generate money by just blogging quickly. This is similar to affiliate marketing and selling affiliate products, but the advantage of the Amazon Associate Program is you’re able to leverage the trust of the brand and sell ANY products on the Amazon website. You’re able to get a small commission from the sales you generate on Amazon. Isn’t that amazing?
I’ve given you three surefire methods of making money by blogging. I’m sure you can see that making money by blogging is significantly superior to PTC. Not just in income potential but it’s also much more interesting and exciting!