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Jewelry Product Page Optimization Tips For Increasing Sales

You have good traffic on your eCommerce jewelry page. It means seekers are finding your website and checking the pearl necklaces and bracelets and rings but it does not give an idea of how much traffic was converted to sales. Sometimes customers don’t feel influenced to add items in the cart, so what is missing?

Jewelry product presentation plays a crucial role because it plays the role of virtual salesperson, which works 24/7. Lack of virtual presentation and interested buyers will quickly move away to your competitors. Even if your products page is good to attract plenty of traffic but of no use if customer’s needs are not catered to.

Jewelry product e-commerce page optimization tips

  • Quality product photography

Visual images influence the decision making more than the text. Therefore image quality is more crucial than product related details and reviews. As your target demographic cannot try or touch the pearl jewelry presented on the web page before buying, it is necessary to present them with high quality photos.

It does not matter if the pearl necklace or bracelet design is intricate; the buyers need to see each single detail clearly. Even if you are new to this business with right props and equipment, high quality product photography can be achieved at your home jewelry studio.

Through product images from all angles, you can answer buyers question associated with size, texture, and aesthetics without any need to hold them in their hands. Buyers can zoom in to take closer view of the pearl earrings back and post, which adds value to buyers shopping experience. Some jewelry stores offer 360° product video or image of the rose and black pearl ring.

  • Tell short but informative product story

Present product videos associated with a specific jewelry production process or a product guide with answers to common FAQs you expect from ideal buyers. Complex product details can be condensed in a short, informative clip. Shoppers who love videos introducing jewelry style and trends most probably share it on social media, thus expanding your reach.

  • Product descriptions need to be creative and vibrant

No dull sentence must be used to define the pearl strands features or other details. Product description needs to be vibrant like build emotional aura around the jewelry, so that shoppers can discover a connection. This will influence their feelings and encourage them to buy it.