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The key ingredients of a perfect trading routine

Discipline has always been the key to success. No matter which profession you are in, you must follow strict discipline to become a successful person. Becoming a successful person in life is not an easy task. You have to overcome many obstacles and deal with the complex problems of the world. Due to the recent advancement in technology people now have the access to the retail trading industry. But having access to the online trading industry doesn’t give you the guarantee you will become a profitable trader. There are some key rules you need to follow. Today we will share some amazing steps which will help you to develop a perfect trading routine.

Why do you need a trading routine?

Almost 95% of the traders are losing money. Majority of the traders don’t know the importance of proper discipline. In order to establish yourself in the professional trading network, you must trade the market with fixed sets of rules. These rules are nothing but your trading strategy. If you break the rules, you are not following any specific system to trade the market. So let’s learn how to develop a perfect routine.

Know your trading style

There are two types of traders in the Forex market. The first one is known as the scalpers and they always trade the lower time frame. They are often known as risk takers since they always trade with a big lot. Being a new trader you should never follow short-term trading strategy as it will significantly increase your risk factors. The second type of traders are the long-term traders. They are commonly known as position traders and they follow conservative trading strategy. You need to identify which type of trading style you will choose. Based on that you need to pick your trading hours and scale your lot size.

Maintain a trading journal

A trading journal will always help you to know more about the market. If you start keeping the record for each trade, you will be able to assess your past trades during the weekend. The experienced Aussie traders always prefer Rakuten online trading platform since it always keeps the track of their past trades. You can also learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are always appreciated as long as you learn from it. Being a new investor you need to improve your trading strategy in every possible way.

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Trade during a specific hours

Those who consider trading as their full-time profession should always trade the market during specific trading hours. Being a trade addict you can learn nothing. Many rookie traders often stare at their trading platform with a hope to spot quality trade setups. But this is not the professional way to deal with your losing trades. Based on your currency pairs you need to choose the trading sessions. Sounds little bit confusing? Let’s make it clear to you. If you execute a trade in the EURUSD pair, you must trade during the European or New York trading session. You need to market volatility to make a profit. So trading EURUSD pair during the Asian trading session will not help you.

Take some break

You trading routine should have some recreational features. We are human beings and we are not designed to work 24 hours a day. So it’s very obvious our brain will get tired after prolonged working hours. So you must give yourself some rest. Take some break from your trading profession on regular basis. You don’t have to work all day long to support your family based on currency trading profession. A few hours a day is enough to find the best trades. So make sure you have some other works to do. Engage in the social activity or find a professional trading network to share your thoughts and ideas. But never trade this market like a robot. And always keep things organized when it comes to the investment business.