What do you know about mandatory car insurance policy?

 Choosing ประกันภัยรถยนต์ภาคบังคับ is not just about finding the lowest fare. To take out a contract that is right for you, define your needs and choose the insurance broker that will meet them best. The best car insurance is the one that fits your lifestyle. Do you like a personalized contact? A general agent or auto insurance broker guides and advises an often faithful clientele for years. You are not available? Often online insurance companies offer you extended hours and complete remote management of your file. Be clever, competition is not just about the rates.

A contract to your measurements

If the liability insurance is mandatory for all auto insurance a comprehensive warranty on an old vehicle is not necessarily justified. On the other hand some options such as broken glass, theft, fire, or towing can be useful in all cases. Prefer auto insurance where you can subscribe them in a modular way. Also, check if the contract offers a driver’s personal guarantee and if this warranty covers all drivers of the vehicle, even casual. Your car insurance must be able to react quickly. For this purpose check the service to be contacted in case of disaster is as easily accessible as your sales representative. Is your insurer a partner of a support network? Does it offer a loan vehicle for the duration of repairs?

Special situations

If you drive little a low mileage or kilometer car insurance can be more economical. However check the guarantees are the same as for standard contracts and that they are not changed if a mileage threshold is exceeded. In general insurers have developed specific offers in response to car insurance needs of small riders, young drivers, drivers with high penalties, etc. These contracts are sometimes the only way to insure but do not fix your choice without thinking.

Conclusion: How to choose car insurance?

It may seem a trivial advice but it is always advisable to request quotes from various insurance companies and compare them with each other. This is because the commercial conditions vary from company to company and some may reward a certain customer or vehicle profile while others penalize a specific geographical area or certain personal characteristics. It is therefore better to be protected in the case of death, partial or total disability, temporary or permanent. Some companies do not compensate those who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is a legitimate attitude because driving impaired is a censurable behavior.