Kotak Life Insurance: Top Policies, Lowest Premiums

Are you looking for the top life insurance policies at the lowest premiums? Kotak Life Insurance, a very popular private insurance company based out of India, is what you should look at to get what you want. Founded in 2001, the trusted insurance provider has over 15 million customers to its credit. Wouldn’t you like to be one among them?

Given below are oft-purchased Kotak life insurance plans that promise to provide good benefits. The sum assured and other benefits would depend on the life insurance plans that you may want to buy for yourself or your loved ones. The company has a comprehensive range of life coverage plans to choose from – go ahead and explore the ones that meet your requirements to the hilt.

Top 3 Life Insurance Policies of Kotak Life Insurance

Kotak life insurance has over 30 types of plans in its kitty. You will find market-linked options, term plans, and group insurance policies to choose from amongst many others. Given below are the top 3 Kotak life insurance plans that may fit your bill.

1. Kotak Preferred Term plan

In case higher returns on a comparatively low investment is what you are looking for, then this plan is for you. This long-term life insurance plan from Kotak provides special rates for non-tobacco users as well as to women.

The term policy provides pure death benefit only. If you abstain from tobacco consumption and are desirous of purchasing this plan, then you may grab a sum assured of INR one crore at a nominal premium. You can work out the premium and coverage for yourself on insurance comparison sites like Coverfox.com based on your age and slabs

2. Kotak e-Assured Savings

You may like to purchase the online life insurance plan from Kotak with minimal hassles. In this policy, higher premium gets the reward of a percentage escalation in terms of the Basic Sum Assured (BSA). It offers maturity benefits as a sum of the BSA, guaranteed annual additions, and the guaranteed death benefit or loyalty addition.

Example: Here, a 15-year policy with an annual premium of say INR 75,000 will provide INR 13,82,108 as maturity or death benefit in the last 10 years. The final claim for the insured person will include 20% loyalty and 10% yearly additions as well. In case the claim is filed after the insurer’s death, there will be no loyalty additions included.

3. Kotak Lifetime Income Plan

Get continuous annuity (pension) with one time premium. In this Kotak life insurance policy, the insured may opt for a cash-back option. Via this feature, the premium amount comes back to the nominee in the event of the death of the policyholder. No maturity benefit or death benefit is available under this plan.

Example: Say, this policy is purchased by a 45 year-old healthy male who pays INR 1 lakh to get the insurance. At 45, his annual income would be INR 77,300; at 55 years of age INR 85,400; and INR 99,800 at 65 years of age. In other words, he can expect a moderate monthly income across his lifetime.

What Makes Kotak Life Insurance Policies Different?

An important feature that makes Kotak life plans so different from the rest of the providers in the fray is the number of flexible options on its racks. The flexibility to make beneficial investments is immense with Kotak. You may choose from diverse funds depending on your risk appetite, coverage needs, and premium budget.

1. Aggressive funds

These plans are invested in the equity market to a large extent. They are sold with an objective of providing high capital appreciation.

2. Conservative funds

The funds collected are invested in debt markets, bank deposits, cash, and other instruments. The plans offer the benefits of preserving capital along with providing steady returns.

3. Long-term planning

ULIPs from Kotak are useful for attaining long-term financial goals like retirement planning, children’s education, marriage, etc.

Buy Kotak Life Insurance Online

The many features and benefits of Kotak life cover plans are specifically designed to meet the coverage needs of people from various walks of life and with diverse needs. Log on to Coverfox.com to assess the insurance plans that match up with your immediate and long-term needs.