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What You Need to Know Before Driving in Thailand

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Thailand obviously offers up a lot of advantages to anyone that decides to visit or live in the country. However, one thing it is probably not too proud of it that it is famous for its dangerous roads. The traffic here, especially in the major cities is horrendous and not only that, it has the second road crash fatality rate in the world.

Most of these fatalities are due to poor driving habits by motorists in the country which includes driving motorbikes without helmets, not wearing seatbelts, regular speeding, and  driving while under the influence.

Which is Why You Need Car Insurance

Obviously, it is wise to get car insurance in any country but because of the above, it is absolutely imperative that you do in Thailand and not be tempted to drive without insurance. It is also against the law to drive without insurance.

At the very minimum you will need level 3 car insurance but if you are planning to buy a car in the country that is on the expensive side, level 1 car insurance which is known as ประกันรถยนต์ชั้น1 in the Thai language would probably be your best bet. This is essentially fully comprehensive insurance that covers you for pretty much everything.

Finding Car Insurance in Thailand

There are numerous car insurance companies in Thailand that you can consider but we advise looking online first and foremost to establish which have the best reputation and which offer the best value for your money. Use the many comparison sites to get a good idea of the latter and read the feedback from other customers to learn about the former.

As we mentioned previously, ประกันรถยนต์ชั้น1 (level 1 car insurance) is what you legally have to have at a bare minimum but due to the high death rate on the roads in Thailand, it is definitely worth considering level 3 car insurance instead. This will not only cover damage to your own car but also any damage to others cars , injury to passengers and drivers and also for theft.


There is nothing like a serious car accident to ruin any trip in a foreign country so you should always make sure you have given yourself the best protection possible. If you do not get a good level of car insurance it is probably wiser to stick to public transport in the country rather than forking out on a car.