Picking the Perfect Spot: Why Your Office is the Key to Greater Productivity

There are four common reasons why companies decide to up and move to a new office. The first is that the business is expanding rapidly and will soon outgrow the current arrangement. It may also be the case that a company needs to downsize. After all, success is a complicated thing and, sometimes, it is more about survival than profits.

Other businesses choose to relocate because the option is there. They come to the end of a long lease and fancy a change. The last reason is that a company might be unhappy with the office it has. All of these reasons are equally valid, but they each come back to the same key goal; if you are going to relocate, you need to find a superb new home.

Keep reading to find out why office design and location have such a significant impact on productivity and what you can to get it right first time.

Employees Deserve Quality

You cannot expect to flourish without the support of a strong team. To build one, you need an office which feels inspiring. The good news is that there are plenty of options. For example, many entrepreneurs are enjoying the benefits of dynamic virtual workspaces across Asia.

These modern, agile office solutions are ideal for rapid growth because they do not tie tenants into long-term leases. The Servcorp virtual offices in Hong Kong, for instance, are made available on a rolling basis. Residents can make changes to their rental terms at any time.

Accessibility Is Essential

There is no blueprint for what a great office should look like because they come in all shapes and sizes. However, it is a good idea to prioritise ease of use and access. Innovative serviced workspaces are similar to virtual offices, but they are more suitable for larger teams.

The facilities in Hong Kong are close to transport links, come with parking spaces, and provide full and comprehensive back office support. It means that your employees can spend less time-solving problems and more time generating valuable ideas.

Networking Breeds Creativity

Whether you decide to work from a communal suite or a serviced office, you will get the chance to network with other entrepreneurs and business owners. It is an important process, particularly for companies that have launched overseas, in unfamiliar markets.

Hong Kong is a warm and friendly place, but it can be hard to make connections because so much of the business culture is based on personal associations. One way to meet and chat with investors, suppliers and potential partners is to pick an office with communal areas.

The Best Locations Attract Talent

Hong Kong has a highly educated workforce, with a lot of graduates ready and looking for a start in the business world. Most of these skilled people will restrict their search to the central locations because this is where the best companies are found.

You do want to be one of these enterprises. To attract the finest minds around, put your business at the heart of the action. It is more attainable than you think, even on a tight budget. You might not be able to afford a private suite at first, but consider sharing a virtual office.

Why a Happy Team is the Secret to Success

There are all kinds of variables and conditions which can affect how successful you are. The importance of a happy, satisfied team, however, is not negotiable. So, keep your employees in mind when looking for a new office. Whether they are primarily a remote group or a conventional collaborative workforce, their needs should be accommodated.