Pros and cons of marketing automation tools for advertising on Facebook

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Marketing automation tools in a nutshell

Running a business is never easy, but the tedious and repetitive tasks can be cut down and assigned to a quick little section of code which we have come to know as marketing automation software. The best part of this is that you can assign a scheduled mailing list which will take care of the distribution of your ad and campaign. The software also replies to common customer queries. As it is with most automated processes, marketing automation tools make minimal errors and are time and cost efficient when compared to the amount of human resources that you will need to deploy to do the same work.


  1. Set it and forget it: This is basically from where the idea of automation originated and is the main selling point for all automation tools and the same goes for Facebook automation as well. It lets the user automate repeated tasks like sending mails in large numbers, posting same ads in different pages and replying to customer enquiry. Even outside your working hours, via automation you will still be sending replies to comments on your ads, and monitor all activity. You can even schedule your ads to go live at times when your prospective customers are most active.
  2. It forces a market plan in action: The tool requires the information about what kind of people it is looking for, whom to reach out and how. This means that the user is forced to have a well-defined market plan and knows the exact group of customers they are planning to target. With this you are able to achieve a highly targeted audience who interests match with your business which will translate as better conversions.
  3. Customizability: Facebook has over one billion daily traffic. Choosing to advertise on Facebook in and of itself is a huge advantage as the investment for your outreach is very low compared to other modes. The most compelling part is the information about customers that Facebook can provide. This huge database makes your customer search easier. This way you can provide the right kind of ad to the right people at the right time. When you use marketing automation tools to advertise on Facebook, you can deliver highly customized content the users which helps you engage them better.
  4. You are always live – 24/7: Facebook has a feature that tracks how fast and well business pages reply. If you have noticed, there are pages that say “replies within an hour”, “very responsive” etc.  If you rank well on this feature, your rank on Facebook also goes up. Automated advertising means your business is up and running round the clock. You will also be able to send automated replies to questions in your comments and with some bots, even the initial part of business queries – all without your presence in the office. You can schedule your posts and ads in such a way that it reaches your target customers at times they are more likely to look into it, even when you are away. This means that you are not losing customers that you would have otherwise because of inactivity.
  5. Activity: As in the real world, people notice an active business. Automation help the business to be more engaging to its customers by segmenting your customer base, by showing them ads which match their exact interest and letting people know something hot is always up in it. This helps in growth in terms of followers and frequent customers to the business.
  6. Saves time: With so many of the tasks being automated, the time you need to spend on customers, looking after their requests and complaints, is freed up. You can now look into improving the bigger prospects of your business, with no time wasted on dealing with repeated tasks.
  7. Conversion tracking: These tools provide you with the information about the type of customers, what they are looking for and how customers interact with your ads. This kind of information is valuable for improvising the current market plan and setting path for a better revenue yielding one.


  1. Not a cure all: As impressive as it may look, it is not a complete solution to your marketing flaws. It is important to keep in mind that these tools keep repeating the same job unless directed to. Thus, it needs a human mind occasionally to include the changes you want to incorporate.
  2. Expensive: Even though some basic tools are free, advanced automation tools are not. They come at different prices according to the range of options and customizations they provide. If you want all the features, you might end up burning a hole in your pocket. Hence, you need to plan and get only those features that serve your business goals.
  3. Easy to recognize: Most of the time, it is pretty obvious whether it is a bot or an actual human being replying to you. When you use automatic posts and replies to engage with customers, these often end up being robotic and does not have emotions. It will never be as good as a person understanding the customer’s enquiry and expressing a real personality. Make sure to add the human touch to tone out the monotony.
  4. Branding tool name: Most of the time, these automation tools brand their signature onto the ads they post, giving away the fact that it was not an actual human behind it. This generally happens in case you are getting freeware. You would rather shell out a little and get something from a vendor who doesn’t include his name in there. Nothing costs more than your reputation.
  5. These tools do not incorporate recent news, change in trends and recent events. This could either put these ads as old fashioned, irrelevant or sometimes inappropriate.

Of course, there is an upside as well as a downside to everything. Knowing the pros and cons will help you understand the scope and the limitation of marketing automation so that you can make the best use of Facebook ad tool for your advertising.