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Reasons to leave the wallet at home

When we go out to the street there are several things we always take with us. Keys, wallet, smartphone, headphones… We almost take these objects unconsciously with us, even if we are just going to the grocery store for 5 minutes. But is it really necessary to carry our wallet with us at all times? This is the question I did myself a week ago and tried to leave my wallet at home for 5 days. Now I can totally answer, it isn’t necessary at all.

Leaving the wallet at home makes you freer; it gives you the feeling that nothing really serious can happen. The first thing you should do is to install the VERSE mobile payments app in your smartphone, then you are definitely ready to leave your wallet at home and start wandering around without the feeling of carrying anything important with

Let me give you some reasons to get rid of your wallet, after this 5-day walletfree experience I had.

You will never lose it

I don’t know you, but I tend to lose my wallet all the time. I’ve lost wallets at bus stations, cafes, nightclubs, cinemas… Anyway, I’m always worried about where my wallet is, every time I move from some place to another I’m worried about having forgotten my wallet at the previous place. Leaving my wallet at home was like getting rid of quite a big concern.

You can go jogging

When you go out jogging you can’t carry many things with you, or if you do so you won’t be very comfortable. That’s why leaving your wallet at home is a great idea in case you want to do some sport. I always use a sport-bracelet to put my smartphone on with my headphones so that I can listen to music while I run or do any other sport.

It’s more comfy

Wallets can turn quite big sometimes and carrying such a thing in your pocket at all times isn’t very comfortable. Depending on what you wear, this can turn into a problem. Do you fancy wearing really tight jeans? Or are you keen on sport tights? In any of these cases, and in many more, leaving your wallet at home will make you feel much better. Some women use their purse just to carry their wallet, does that really make sense to you? Not to me, having a purse hanging from your shoulder just so that you can carry that huge wallet that doesn’t fit anywhere in your outfit isn’t a smart decision to me.

You can get invited

If you go out for dinner, drinks or to the cinema your friends or family can always pay your expenses, isn’t that great? I don’t mean they are going to invite you at all times now, but they can always pay at the establishment and afterwards you can use your mobile app to make an instant payment to them. This way, they will get paid at the moment and you will be as happy and free as a person with no wallet. As you see, thanks to VERSE we can transfer money from one smartphone to another, moreover you can organize events and groups of friends in order to raise money.

Believe me, I’ve tried it and it’s worth it. Start today your walletfree live!