Recommendations to Maintain Sharp Industrial Food Processing Blades

Food processing operations that process high food product volumes can benefit from a program that maintains an inventory of high-qualityindustrial food blades all sharpened to the highest standards.  Food processing businesses that have implemented a blade inventory program have learned they can significantly decrease operational downtime by ensuring replacement food processingblades are readily available when blades break or have become dull and ineffective. This article was written to provide insight into some important industrial blade considerations for any food processing operation.


Food processing operations can be extremely demanding on the industrial food cutting blades in production. It is critical that food processing blades be engineered to exacting standards, both in materials and sharpening, to minimize the risk of blade breakage and damage to your food processing equipment. Industrial food processing blades manufactured from special materials can be specifically engineered to resist breaking during the cutting process. Selecting the right industrial food blade supplieris of high importance for organizations to ensure access to the most knowledgeable engineering and production experts when making important blade decisions. Once finalizing blade selection, it is also important to select a vendor, like Accu-Grind of New England, that can meet your organization’songoing industrial knifesharpening requirementsand the ability to assist manage blade inventory across the entire recycling process so that replacements blades are always available.

Food processing plants typically need multiple types of industrial blades across their facilities including circular, serrated, separator blades, and more. Selecting the right industrial blade provider is of utmost importance to ensure delivery of effective engineering and production support when making important blade decisions. Once finalizing blade selection, it is also important to select a vendor that continuously meets theorganization’sblade inventory requirements. If needed, organizations should look to work with a blade partner that can support your organization with just-in-time delivery of food processing blades and knives you might need quickly. In the end, you want to select a blade supplier and service company that can meet all of your objectives across the lifecycle of the industrial food processing blades in use.

Don’t let your food processing operation suffer from downtime from broken or dull industrial food process blades. Join 100’s of companies that use Accu-Grind as their industrial food processing blade partner, and that benefit from the best quality food processing blades and knives and sharpening service, all at a reasonable cost. Accu-grind understands that the quality of your industrial knife products and ongoing blade sharpening needs impacts your bottom line directly by increasing your equipment life and production speed.  Aside from sharpening and standard replacement blade services, Accu-Grind will manufacture virtually any type and shape of custom food processing knife. Supply us with a drawing, and written specifications for the blade you need and we’ll quickly reply with a quote.  Or, we’ll design a specific blade for your application. Accu-Grind would love to become your single source food blade and knife supplier to meet both your industrial blade purchasing and sharpening needs.