The Role of a Solicitor in the UK

An expert solicitor is able to provide legal support and advice to clients in a variety of fields. Solicitors take instructions from their clients and will advise on the course of legal action. Clients of solicitors can be individuals, public organizations, groups and even companies.

Depending on the area of expertise, a solicitor will be able to advise on a range of issue including personal issues such as buying or selling a property, wills, and testaments, divorce or personal injury claims. Other issues widely advised on are commercial work related inquiries such as helping in the establishment of new enterprises.

Once qualified, a solicitor will be able to work in-house for a commercial industry or industrial organizations, a private practice, or even in government and the courts. The work of a solicitor depends on the field they have chosen and the nature of the case. Many solicitors also offer their free time for use in pro-bono work.

Solicitors can specialize in various practice areas. For more information, see here. Core areas of law include constitutional, European Union (EU), contract, land, criminal, and tort law. Some of the lesser known solicitor areas of work include banking, construction, employment, equity and trusts, family, intellectual property, and shipping.

If you are in need of a specialist solicitor it is very important that you make this known from the first meeting. Always be completely open with your solicitor. This will avoid any future problems in court or in the general handling of the case.

Responsibilities of a solicitor in the UK

A solicitor working in the UK will meet and interview clients daily to establish whether the firm is the suitable one to help and provide the necessary services. In addition, solicitors will take instructions from clients and offer suitable advice regarding laws and legal regulations.  Another role filled by solicitors in the UK is to draft various document and negotiate with clients.

Analysis and research of documents and well as the coordination of information is also paramount to the success of a solicitor working in the UK.  Most of a solicitor’s day is filled with attending a meeting and acting on behalf of their clients in regards to various legal matters.

Here are a few more roles which are filled by solicitors working in the UK:

  • Negotiations between opposing parties.
  • Preparing documents for court.
  • Thoroughly check all documentation before it is presented to the client.
  • Calculating all claims including maintenance and damages.
  • General administrative duties.
  • Client billing.

What to expect from your solicitor

You solicitor will generally be office based but they will more often than not be willing to travel to meet clients and attend court proceedings. You solicitor will have the necessary legal knowledge to advise you on a range of matter pertaining to various legal aspects of your life. When choosing a solicitor it is important to meet them face-to-face to discuss your problem. This way you will also be sure that you have chosen the right solicitor to deal with your case.