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Are there other Rules for Digital Archiving?

From tax declarations to notarial deeds, all these documents accumulate in impressive quantities, and you will have to safeguard these documents for months, years, even your whole life. For SMEs as well as for large companies, archiving documents entails considerable costs.

Fortunately, it is perfectly legal to safeguard your important or sensitive documents in digital form. Better yet: in Belgium, companies are free to keep their documents in the way they like. You have the choice to say goodbye to paper or to scan your printed documents before archiving them, to avoid maintaining a physical archive. You can also print your digital documents and keep them, but of course, this is not advisable.

Of course, these digital archives are subject to conditions. More importantly, you must and should always be ready to prove the authenticity of your archived documents. In other words, the provenance of the documents must be clear, and the content cannot be changed that is one of the record retension requirements By adopting the right software, it will be very easy to set up a digital archive that meets all the requirements for authenticity, security, and uniqueness. One such software scans documents accurately and intelligently crypt. If you choose this method to keep your bills, tax returns, and other documents, you will fully meet your legal obligations.

Outside of these conditions, you are more or less free to archive your corporate documents as you wish. Some organizations decide to save their documents on their computers or servers, while others entrust this task to an external service provider. A solution in the cloud can also be considered, as far as security allows. In short, whatever your choice, the bottom line is that your system is indexable and you quickly find your documents. And above all, do not forget the backups!

Archiving Documents and Invoices: An Undeniable Interest

Archiving documents in digital form is obviously not just an attempt to attain government requirements. In any case, it is a healthy measure for the growth of your organization. Being able to quickly and easily retrieve old documents and invoices will save you time and give you more weight in an unwanted event of a dispute.