Ryan McAweeney from San Diego Thinks Great Marketing Campaigns are Important for Selling Great Products

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Could it be possible that there are products that are innovative and ground-breaking, but were just not able to make their way into the commercial market? Ryan McAweeney, a marketing executive from San Diego talked about what companies do wrong in marketing their products. McAweeney thinks that there are ideas that are just as revolutionary as the popular ones but never became mainstream products because they failed in their marketing campaigns. Ryan McAweeney, being one of California’s leading advertising executives, is a well-known personality in the industry. His marketing firm can also be considered as one of the best ones in the USA.

According to McAweeney, when he was asked about what he considered as last decade’s worst marketing campaign, he didn’t really have an answer. For him, there wasn’t just one big mistake. He believes that there have been hundreds of them. McAweeney thinks that every year, a lot of great products and investments are wasted because of poor marketing campaigns and advertising techniques.

For Ryan McAweeney, the problems begin at the top. Oftentimes, company executives just become so focused on creating the best product that they refuse to make a huge investment in marketing campaigns. While it is crucial to have a superior product in order to dominate a market, companies need to remember that without exposure, their products would not sell.

McAweeney says that the problem with many companies is that they think that they can do business with an ‘if you built it, they will come’ approach. He believes that this just isn’t true. McAweeney acknowledges that there are exceptions to the rule, but in most cases, great companies have sold their products or services with the help of effective marketing strategies.

The ‘if you built it, they will come’ business model refers to a company that puts all of its investments in product development. This gives rise to the assumption that a revolutionary product will naturally sell or market itself and make its way into major markets because of how superior it is. It’s true that there are companies that are able to work this business model. But unfortunately, many are just not able to do pull it off.  

McAweeney shares that a lot of the popular and well-received products that we now know actually need more advertising than we realize. He cited Apple as an example. According to McAweeney, Apple has invested a lot in sophisticated marketing for many years now. The company has an equal focus on technology, functionality, design, and advertising. He also explains that the world’s largest products employ solid advertising to sell to different markets. McAweeney believes that this should apply to smaller companies even more. The marketing executive says that creating a product that can sell itself is next to impossible.

McAweeney encourages companies that are looking to enter various marketing segments to invest in advertising; he thinks that it can determine a product’s success or failure. It is apparent that Ryan McAweeney is firm in his belief that advertising has the ability to make or break a company.