Signs that Your Marketing Plan is Not Working

Even the best-laid plans don’t turn out as intended, especially when it comes to marketing. Businesses often spend thousands of dollars on marketing, only to see low returns. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out if your marketing plan is working or not. Here are several surefire signs to indicate that your current advertising strategy is not working:

High Bounce Rate

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The bounce rate refers to the number of people who visit a web page and then leave without taking any action. These people are the ones who are not interested in your site. While there will always be people who won’t like what you offer, the bounce rate should be kept as minimal as possible. If you notice that certain ad pages have higher bounce rates, where people see the ads but do not click, then you have a problem. This includes other marketing material, such as blog posts and videos, as well. There could be many reasons for a high bounce rate. It’s advised to seek consultancy from a site like to conduct a thorough review to find out what’s going wrong.

Online Ads Lead to Traffic, but Not Conversions

You online ads generate clicks, but people are not buying your stuff. If online ads are generating traffic as you desire, that’s great. However, this traffic must result in a solid percentage of conversions. Lack of conversions could be a result of the ads being misleading. People don’t find the things the ads have advertised. It could also be a result of landing pages that are not optimized to drive conversions. Slow site speeds can also result in a lack of conversions. If your well-paid efforts are not resulting in conversions, then your marketing campaign is rather useless.

Lack of Customer Engagement on Social Media

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The point of social media is for brands to intimately engage with customers, fostering loyalty and spreading word of mouth marketing. So each of your social media posts should get generous amounts of likes, shares, and comments. If customers are not interacting with you on social media, then your strategy is failing. While it’s normal for social media engagement to be low when the profiles are first set up, the engagement numbers should gradually increase. If numbers remain unchanged for a prolonged period, then you should see what could be done to improve them. What shouldn’t happen, however, is for engagement numbers to drop.

Blog Posts are Largely Ignored

Don’t blog for the sake of blogging. The blog posts you publish should get comments and shares on social media sites. If readers are largely ignoring the blog posts you publish, then you need to re-think your blogging plan. It’s possible that your business doesn’t need a blog, and you shouldn’t waste your resources running one. It could be that your blog is not posting what the target audience actually wants to read.

The above are glaring signs that your overall marketing plan is failing. You must calculate returns for each marketing channel you invest in, including blogs and social media. Look for early signs that the plan is not working and change course before it’s too late.