Is Temporary Employee Better than New Employee?

Recruiting and finding new employees for business has always been a very cumbersome task, which is why these days’ human resource managers are paid so much. Vacant positions often result in decrease in productivity and more pressure on other employees that are presently working in the companies. This vacant position is often the result of an indecisive decision about whether or not to hire a permanent employee because the business might not need it after some time. But this problem can be easily solved with the help of temporary staffing agencies. These services can provide temporary employees who can help the business get over this problem and help to grow the business.

But temporary employees from temporary staffing agencies come with a large number of other benefits also. Since these companies perfectly match the employee’s credentials with what the company really requires, these leads to higher productivity levels for the business. This saves a lot of time and money for the business which would otherwise had been utilized to train the new employees and bringing them up to the mark of qualified personnel. Since temporary staffing agencies and not the client or the owners of the businesses provide benefits like health, life insurance, paid vacation, sick leaves to these temporary employees, if one adds up, the business actually saves a lot of money. In other cases if the company has to provide with benefits, they don’t have to really provide them benefits akin to their permanent employees.

These types of temporary employees are best when there is project based work which requires some experienced people which are missing from the business. This way, business can dig their hands in project works they would never imagine to complete all by themselves. The temporary assistance can swoop in, complete the work, and swoop out, just leaving businesses a profit to sleep on. This type of arrangement also allows businesses permanent employees to learn new things from experienced personnel because temporary employees brings a different and wide set of skills to the table.

Sometimes a different perspective is takes to solve a massive problem. Just because an employee is temporary it doesn’t mean they are inexperienced workers, they have their own personal reasons to suit such kind of working. So in way temporary employees from temporary staffing agencies can impart new knowledge to one’s existing employees by teaching them entire set of new skills before they leave the company.

But the cherry on the cake is that when the business after few weeks or months feels that the temporary employee is very perfect fit for their company as they have adjusted very well to the company business environment, they can also be transitioned into a full time permanent employee. So in way temporary employees arrangement can be seen as a means to hire very experienced professionals who perfectly fit in their business place. However if the business does not like the temporary employee work, they can easily fire them without having to think once.