The Perfect Options for the best CRM System

There are many different ways to perform lead generation. Organizations use direct mailings, telemarketing or ‘good old fashioned’ relationship visits. The relationship data forms the basis of all these resources. It has since been established that as an organization you need a CRM system to keep track of this data. This system is filled with all available information about companies and contacts. However, the question is how current is that information and how often is it updated?

Is it possible to keep your CRM system up to date so that its value for sales and marketing is not lost?

The success of an online crm system depends on the enthusiasm of employees for this. Employees must process all information that reaches them through the different channels. This seems like an easy task, but in practice it often turns out not to be the case. How often do you not just scribble a phone number on a piece of paper and then later think where did that piece of paper go? Many such situations cause incomplete or not up-to-date data in CRM systems.

  • In addition, many sellers do not feel responsible for updating a crm systems. After all, their job is to sell. Of course it is possible to put more pressure on sales to keep the CRM system up-to-date, but it is impossible to severely punish your best representative if he does not.
  • Every sales manager knows how important a good database is. Sellers are highly dependent on the accuracy of the information for their sales activities. Incomplete or unstructured data influences the quality of sales and marketing campaigns and makes the market image less covering.

Many companies therefore choose to test their own data against market data from external databases. A comparison of the CRM system with an external database often shows that 80% of the prospects are already known to the organization. However, 20% is not. This 20% represents a large group of potential customers and therefore a great value. This group can fill an important part of your sales budget and is a group where your main competitor may now be alone. With the use of an external database, organizations can complete and update their existing relationship data and also approach that new 20% of the potential market.

Technology helps sales

The result is that there are often multiple systems present within companies that are used. For example there is a company, in which all customer information is kept and an external database subscription for lead generation or for financial data. Now with the learning management software you can make the best come up. One of the pitfalls of working with different systems is that the data in both systems is not the same. Which data is complete and current? Ideally, all data should be merged into one system, but who is responsible for this? It takes a lot of time to match the data from both systems and a procedure needs to be developed for the way in which data should be kept. These processes take a lot of time for sales. So the question is,how can sales be helped by CRM? The answer: through technological development.