Top 3 Technological Stable Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Exchanges are essentially money exchange houses, in the case of the crypto, they are digital and each of them works with different crypto coins and some with fiduciary coins as well, varying by the country they usually accept one or more fiduciary.

What has brought advantages and disadvantages, the term increases a bit for capital inflows, but the costs and variety tend to be much better, but of course the fiduciary currencies that work is the USD and EUR, which if you are interested in working also with exchanges you can read this post here that will help you in this:

Kucoin Exchange Company

Kucoin is a new one that has caught the public eye in a short time, it has quickly became one of people’s favorites because of the speed of operation, seems to have been made with a robust technology structure and a great server, so it is the best we have seen so far in terms of speed of operation and practicality.

Kucoin has a crypto of their own that is already among the top 100, which leaves them always with a relevant attention, besides offering several bonuses related to their own currency.

They have a large variety of currencies, and Kucoin bets on some new currencies, including post-ICOs, I believe taking higher risk than those mentioned below, but also offering interesting possibilities for new bought and new altcoins. Kucoin exchange review by users shows that they also have a 24/7 customer support and a mobile app.

Cex.IO Exchange Company

Cex is one of the first exchanges we used, so that’s the feeling of learning. It is very interesting because it has the model of direct purchase with them and the model of trade, in which one buys from users.

They have an easy-to-use and really beautiful tool, receiving funds via banks, cards, and at very realistic rates, so it is one of our favorites, despite the low variety of crypto coins, but fortunately, they work with dollar.

Even accepts international cards for purchase, which is not worth so much because of the high cost of adding (about 9%), but in case of haste, it offers this well.

Bitfinex Exchange Company

Bitfinex is visually one of the richest for us, which leaves it sometimes more complex but really very functional and with several technical possibilities like lending or borrowing crypto coins from other users at a very low cost.

Bitfinex is also very rich in the variety of crypto coins, they work with several strong market currencies, and when an altcoin is accepted there, its value tends to increase given the size of the platform.

They currently work only with cryptocoins, have not accepted other currencies, and have withdrawn shortly from the US because of the high complexity of local legislation, which has made a large drop in users, but is always cordial and clear about their movements; really I find it a comfortable platform to work with.