Walk-In Cold Room and Freezer Freedom

If you run a restaurant, pub, hotel, wedding venue, school or community centre and you’re thinking of catering at an event but the fridge and freezer space that’s available to you is far too small to cope with day to day and additional stock you need an efficient and cost effective solution that adheres to Health and Safety Executive and the Food Standards Agency legislation.


Food intended for a fridge/freezer can’t be housed in a shady spot outside, it may be cool but it’s also against the law, as you probably already know. Please don’t try to cram too much stock in to existing fridges and freezers, not only will you lose your patience, you may harm the units and that causes a raft of issues that you can do without.

Make life easier and the risk of food safety issues minimal by using the services of a reputable and established walk in cold room and freezer hire firm. All you need is an interior space to position it for the hire period.

  • The units are often constructed on site so don’t worry that they won’t fit through doorways.
  • Walk in cold rooms and walk in freezers are available in several sizes.
  • The hire firm teams will set up the equipment and explain how everything works to you and you’ll be able to call them if you have any questions or issues.
  • As they take the time and labour pressures away from you up to this point you won’t be inconvenienced in the same way as if you hired a self-drive van.
  • You stock and work in the walk in cold room or walk in freezer and have peace of mind that your facilities meet legislation, are fully maintained and hygienic.
  • At the end of the hire period you can extend, if you still need it, that’s not usually a problem for firms. Alternatively, the hire firm team will return, dismantle and remove the cold room hire unit swiftly and with minimum disruption.
  • It’s important to remember that all walk in cold rooms and freezers should be insured by the hire firm but the stock that you place in them won’t be so separate cover will be required for your items.

Exemplary service providers like Icecool Trailers in Berkshire, who also cover London, the Thames Valley, Berkshire, the Home Counties, South Wales and the Midlands, are regularly called upon in emergencies so they have a 24/7 helpline.

Don’t settle for average business levels or limit growth potential if you are in the hospitality or catering trades. Think about installing cost effective premium quality walk in cold rooms and/or walk in freezers so that during peak times you never find yourself turning a customer away from your establishment.

Speak to a leading hire company today to ensure that you can legally feed the masses. To learn who is the best or the worst don’t forget to check reviews. You get what you pay for.