What Best Practices A Jewelry Website Design Needs?

Even if you own a brick & mortar jewelry store, it has become necessary to have a website. You may be wondering, what is the use of having a site if no one can purchase jewelry from it. It is the digital era and today the power of internet cannot be ignored.

  • People spend plenty of time online and website acts as your stores digital business card.
  • Studies show that 72% potential buyers start their buying process with search on Google.
  • 89% people search for jewelry store near their residence.
  • 76% local searches contact or visit the storeroom.
  • 75% web users judge a business credibility on the basis of website appearance.
  • Website is 24/7 open, so consumers can get helpful information needed anytime.
  • Good opportunity to engage customers and sharpen your brand image.

If you ignore then you may be missing great opportunities, while your competitor may be reaping benefits as they already have a web presence. Now, if you plan to have a website designed then ensure that it looks professional as appearance matters a lot. Consumers subconsciously connect marketing messages and visual elements with a business. If website is unorganized and sloppy then they relate your brand to be chaotic and careless.

What best practices a jewelry website design needs?

Clean and simple layout

Distractions are bad, so have a clean background like pale grey or white, simple navigation options, clutter-free browsing, clear readable fonts, and few banner ads. The pearl earrings or necklace images need to be detailed, and in high resolution. Focus needs to be on the jewelry and photos having to be premium quality.

Inspirational photos & call to action

Besides good and inspirational images, strong call to action is crucial to influence the viewer’s thoughts to start shopping. A photo of spouse receiving jewelry as gift or a celebrity wearing an elegant pearl necklace paired with CTA or see more will not be resisted.

Mobile friendly website

Mobile usage is escalating, so have a responsive website designed. It will help people browse through your website as they go. Even Google likes mobile friendly websites and moves it forward, which is an advantage!

Website appearance will determine jewelry business success. Ensure that your website includes well-written content is search engine optimized, and gets registered in many directories to get wide exposure.