What Is Uncontested Divorce

There is no denying to the fact that no matter how it is accomplished or done, as long as its end result is a break up, it is still very painful and stressful. May the divorce is granted right away or not, the thing is before that is granted, expect the parties involved to have already been through a lot thus either one or the both of them decided to come up with such decision.

 There are countries that can approve a divorce in just a matter of 10 days like the uncontested divorce. So, what is uncontested divorce and why is this way considered more advantageous to the parties involved in the divorce proceedings? Generally, as mentioned above, divorce is an outcome decision of two conflicting parties, not just ordinary confliction but profound one that they cannot bring themselves to compromise on something or to come up to terms.

That is why; as a result, one of the parties will decide to file for a divorce as he/she cannot endure being together with the other partner anymore. This is generally the reason behind an ordinary case of divorce. This kind of divorce is most of the time will last longer in court as both will present their respective conflicting interests and it is now up to the deciding judge to weigh things depending on the presented evidences.

But there are also instances where the divorce decision is consensual, it means that both of them have decided there is nothing they can do with their marriage anymore and it is best dissolved through a divorce proceeding. With this situation, an uncontested divorce is possible since they have agreed on the same thing. An uncontested divorce is when both parties involved can get through with the litigation in agreeing terms. It means that before the actual litigation, they have already come to terms about their properties, rights of their children if they have any and many others.

This way of divorce litigation is cheaper for the reason that it can be easily approved as there is no conflicting party. Aside from that, though they still need to hire two lawyers, the other one can just be for presentation as the court will not allow one lawyer for both parties since though both of them had agreed on most terms, still it is understood that they have respective interests.

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