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Your Ultimate Guide To A Successful Apparel Product Shoot

Entering an apparel business is one of the toughest startups you can have. You need to be headstrong and competitive to stay in business and make a name for your brand. There are many fashion retailers and outlets these days that most shopper even has a hard time choosing which ones to purchase. The secret to making sure your products stand out especially when you are selling online are your images. They should be realistic to show the authentic style of the product but enticing enough to make your shoppers buy it. Good quality images are not only applicable to online businesses but also for those who have physical shops. Often, potential customers will see your products through your advertisements. If your ads are not creative and eye-catching, customers will not even bother visiting your shop.

If you are preparing your apparels for product photography, there are certain things you need to remember before starting. These guidelines are especially applicable if you are new to product photography. You can take the snaps yourself, or you can hire Houston photography service to help for impressive results.

Prepare Your Product

First things first, your products are your gems. It is essential to handle them with care and prepare them ahead of time. Make sure that they are all in good condition. Check if there are any damages or stains. Make sure you have a lineup of which ones will go first and which ones you want to feature. It is best to do this to save time and so you know how to prepare the background. It is also advisable to develop accessories for them. Make sure the props are simple and not too elaborate, you want the clothes to be the center of attention, not the accessories.

Choose Proper Backdrop

Many entrepreneurs choose colorful or flowery backdrops just because their theme is summer or spring. It is a mistake. It doesn’t matter whether your products are formal or casual. It doesn’t matter whether their colors are plaid or colorful, your backdrop should remain pure. It is best to stick with either white or gray so the accent will fall on the product. Having a bright background will distract your viewers. They might focus on it instead of your apparel.

Use the Right Amount of Lighting

The proper amount of lighting is also significant. Do not use a dimly lit room or a too bright studio. A dimly lit room will not showcase the real colors of your products. And the details will not be adequately shown. On the other hand, if the lighting is too bright, it might give a false perception of the color, and the photograph will appear cluttered.

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Utilize a Model or Mannequin

Your customers want to see a product that is as close to reality as possible. Therefore, instead of choosing to hang your clothes and snapping shots, why not employ a model? If having a model is not possible, at least use a mannequin for the display.

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